Large Kente Djembes With Animals Carvings

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Djembe with Kente and animal carvings
Handcrafted in Ghana West Africa
Wood Teak
Goat skin
Weight 11.8lbs to 15.9lbs
Surface 12 to 14 inches
Height  18 to 24 inches
Our djembes are made in Ghana West Africa by Kossi Mawuena, a master wood carver and percussionist, who has spent years perfecting his craft. Woods used for our djembes includes Teak, Kola, Mahogany and Eucalyptus. The drumming surface is made with the thickest part of the goat skin. Most precisely from the back of the goat. All drums are professionally handcrafted with a stringent quality control. Every single djembe is specially crafted with sound quality and playability in mind. Drums are roped tight with internally braided non-stretch rope to create powerful tones.
Maintaining your Djembe
Without adding any cleaning products, simply use a damp clothes to clean your djembe. Keep away from extreme heat or cold.

1 review for Large Kente Djembes With Animals Carvings

  1. Meccalee

    I purchased this peace as an alter/meditation/musical piece. I tested it in the shop and it has great sound quality for what im looking to use it for. I often hear other beats within other songs and would love to use this to create my own sounds beats to use for many purposes. Once agin loving this piece makes me feel like home the drum felt right in my hands when i held it in the store… something within my spirit is calling out to be heard… and this is the drum for the job. It also looks great next to my unity bowl.. lol

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Large Kente Djembes With Animals Carvings

Availability: 1 in stock