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U-Shopper Bolba Baskets
A beautiful hand made bolga basket, handcrafted in Ghana, with elephant grass and natural dyes
Large basket
Width 17 – 20
Height 12 – 13 inches height
Base 10 inches
Width 17 inches
Height 10 inches
Base 10 inches
*Can reshape with warm water*
How to shape your baskets
Our Bolga baskets are made from African grasses by the finest weavers in Ghana, West Africa. They are flattened for shipping and can easily be reshaped if desired by wetting them, then let stand for a few minutes. Next step, either shape with your hands or roll on a flat surface, then let dry. You may want to start with the bottom up then flip over.
It is not a problem to get them wet since they are made from grass, however they should not be kept wet and not left outdoors if you live in a very humid climate.


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U-Shopper Bolga Baskets

Availability: 5 in stock