Inspirational Design Elements of West Africa masks wood colorful

Exotic interiors are timeless because they are original. For anyone looking to spruce up an interior space or add a fresh touch to their home, adding a little (or a lot) of West African inspiration is sure to do the trick. Known for its vibrant colored creations and patterned textiles, coupled with exquisite wood carvings and masks, the intrinsic beauty of West African goods are finding their places in today’s modern homes.

Splashes of color sprinkled around any room are all the rage in today’s design world. Color drenched chromatic patterns rich with bold designs are bringing that touch of character that is perfect with any décor. West African textile designs are rooted in individual expression, historically telling a story of a person or events. Today, these textiles are used for throws or pillows, curtains or rugs, almost any imaginable way. The bold patterns of bright colors give rooms originality and the feeling of purposeful design. 

To add balance to the colorful focal pieces of West African textiles, displaying hand carved wooden or cast metal statues and ceremonial masks brings a balance to any room’s interior. The artisans in this region of Africa are known for their use of local products to produce one of a kind works of art. Figures can be of animals or humans, each representing a connection with life and the world around us. Many design genres incorporate these pieces as they present a unique ability to transcend styles and trends. 

African craft is based in functionality, carved bowls and pottery pieces can serve both decorative and utilitarian means. Kitchens and dining rooms can host beautifully woven baskets that embody the dual purposes of function and design. The appeal of the items made in this region is that they bring a sense of purpose and meaning, yet are beautifully and expertly crafted in traditional methods. 

Adding West African handmade items to your home does more than just boost your overall design style. These products showcase the skills and expert craftsmanship of artisans who work to honor the tradition and beauty of their region. Trusted sources of these products develop relationships with local craftsmen and bring their products to consumers who may not otherwise have the access to their products. The ability to reach a global marketplace can have profound positive impacts on the local communities in which these artisans live and work.  These items promote the beauty of a region rich in vibrant and extraordinary tradition. 

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