Gifts That Teach Your Family About West African Culture

African culture is rich and diverse, but one thing remains centric to every ethnic group – family is the foundation for everything. West Africa offers one of the most alluring associations of culture in the world, and priorities focus more on people than time. It’s artistic heritage, made of sculptures, instruments, and uniquely bold textiles and jewelry is tied to the people and the land.  Through its arts and crafts, clothing and jewelry, and music and language, African culture is expressed and celebrated in a variety of ways. West Africa Treasures offers a variety of gifts that can help share some of its unique culture with your own family. 

Family Games 

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Africa, there isn’t a city on the entire continent where mancala games are unknown. The count and capture game appears easy, but it takes careful calculation, skills, and strategy to play the many variations of this two-person game. According to Cultures of West Africa, West African mancala games require two rows of symmetrical holes, either dug directly into the earth or carved into a wooden board. Traditionally, the canoe-shaped boards have different carvings and the playing pieces range from seeds and stones to cowrie shells and animal droppings. 

There are three African Mancala Games sold at West Africa Treasures. One African ebony wood game offers carvings of trees, another offers huts, and elephants are presented on the third version. Each game comes with 12 pits in two carved banks and 48 natural seed stones. There are thousands of variations in the rules of the game and how to set up and sow seeds. 

Backpacks, Jewelry, And More 

West Africa’s textiles are known for bold colors, vitality and beauty. However, accessories and jewelry often serve a great purpose beyond decoration. The cowrie shell, a common piece used in accessories, was once one of the most successful forms of currency in the world. Today, the elegant shell has many meanings and is used for a variety of fashion and religious reasons. Take some time to research the cowrie shell and we guarantee you’ll want to wear an adjustable cowrie shell bracelet around your arm!  

If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight product that is functional, stylish, and a celebration of the past, present and future of West Africa, look no further than our African backpacks. These gorgeous designs are a direct connection to African culture and heritage and are handmade by local artisans. If you really want to teach your family about tradition and tribes, take a look at our musical instrument and djembe’s. The djembe drum is one of West Africa’s most important instruments and most in the region are still hand-carved from local wood. IT has played many roles over the decades, and it is still a vital instrument in many spiritual and ritual traditions throughout the continent.

Bring a Piece of West Africa to Your Family

Whether you portray African heritage or not, being culturally aware is an important skill to teach to your family. It helps create conversation about diversity it raises curiosity and leads to global awareness. West Africa Treasures offers a variety of products that can help bring a little piece of Africa, tradition, and culture into your home. Browse through the products that are characterized by unique art and craft.

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