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Three Head Unity Bowl & Stand

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Three Head Unity Bowl & Stand
West African Famous Neem Wood Sculpture from Ghana – 3-head Unity Figurine with a Bowl. The 3 Head Unity is carved from a single piece of wood and symbolizes Love, Strength and Harmony.
Can be used for decorative display or to hold items such as keys, snacks, etc.
The Bowl placed on top of their heads signifies the responsibility of a unified family – to maintain happiness and love in the house
Bowl Diameter approx 7″. Bowl: 4 inches tall
Bowl on the stand Height 10″.

1 review for Three Head Unity Bowl & Stand

  1. Meccalee

    I purchased this piece in red.. and i am in love with it.. i am using this bowl as an alter piece to hold salts and crystals. I feel it connects me to the mother land and as a descendant of American slavery its hard to know where my original people are from considering here in the us we are mixed with many bloodlines over the course of hundreds of years.. I’m so thankful to the owner of this shop she is truly a blessing and an breath of fresh air whenever i go into the store. She makes me feel like an old friend or even better family.

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