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Bull’s Eye


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Buil’s Eye bracelet The bull’s eye helps regulate body heat and the circulatory system, ildible gastric acidity and stress. This stone strengthens our joints and amplifies their flexibility. The Bull’s Eye brings luck, more self-confidence, autonomy, greater strength of character. Regulates the adrenals, energizes in depth. Regulates male sexual disordersIt helps develop confidence, courage and the ability to honor the given word. Boosts survival instinct, encourages in his businessesStone very useful to sportsmen, because it strengthens and consolidates the whole structure of the body. Very powerful, it will give the energy resources and strength to support the physical effort as long as possible.The ultimate protective stone, the bull’s eye is an active, very powerful shield, it erects a protective barrier that very quickly returns the negative energies received at their source.The shield is a defensive, protective and symbolic “weapon” and the bull’s eye also allows a more direct “action” to raise awareness of negative actions.


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